Developing a Risk Management Mindset as a Front-Line Student Services Professional

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Developing a Risk Management Mindset as a Front-Line Student Services Professional

Learn how to incorporate risk management into your daily work in student affairs.


Learn how front-line student services staff can use a risk management template to evaluate their everyday work. Throughout this training we will walk through common scenarios and discuss how you can utilize the risk management template to protect both your institution and your students.

Why do We Need To Pay Attention to Risk Management?

The average student affairs professional may not assess risk when doing key job functions like running a student activity event, having a student conduct meeting, working in campus recreation, or running an athletic event. Even high profile events or protests may not get the rightful attention from frontline student affairs staff. While you don’t need to expect everyone to become a risk manager, there are simple things all of these professionals can do to account for risk.

Who should attend?

VPs and directors of various student services departments should purchase a webcast connection and invite key frontline staff. The webcast will cover scenarios in student conduct, student activities, and several other areas of student affairs. Student affairs frontline staff, who are regularly engaging in “risk heavier” work, as well as mid and senior level staff, who are assessing and supervising larger risk issues, will find great value in this webcast.


  • Risk management tool/template
  • Sample scenarios to apply tool/template
    • Student conduct
    • Student activities
    • Protest/student gatherings
    • Athletics