Overcoming Microaggressions as a Faculty Member

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Overcoming Microaggressions as a Faculty Member

Learn how to manage microaggressions as a faculty member to achieve greater psychological safety and personal effectiveness in the workplace.


As faculty in higher education, you have likely received some campus training on microaggressions. However, the way these incidents show up between and among faculty, administrators, and students is often very different from how they display in other areas of campus. If you are a woman or underrepresented faculty, have you reflected on how microaggressions might be disrupting your work? How do you navigate the conversation when you’re the target of microaggressions?

Join us online for this free webcast recording to learn how microaggressions can trigger faculty, especially women and other underrepresented populations. Our expert speaker will offer three practical strategies for managing your response to microaggressions:

  • Recognizing and “naming” the behavior
  • Developing greater self-awareness
  • Learning how to respond and not react

Who should attend?

This free webcast is designed for new, mid-career, and seasoned faculty members who want to learn strategies for managing and responding to microaggressions.