Student Mental Health: A Discussion for Student Success Leaders

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Student Mental Health: A Discussion for Student Success Leaders

Learn how others are adapting their strategies and services to respond to the student mental health crisis.


Although institutions had already struggled to address the student mental health crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic, data shows that in the past two years, students have reported increased frequency and severity in mental health challenges. Adding to this challenge is the fact that, for many students, their only available options for mental health services or support are through their institution. With this in mind, as schools continue to expand and update their services, it is important to consider such questions as:

  • How can institutions and staff best balance their services between students who prefer or expect a virtual campus experience and students who prefer in-person experiences?
  • How can institutions be innovative with service delivery for students, while still respecting the implications of the changing laws and expectations of their workforce?
  • What resources do institutions have to augment their services, and how can they best select and vet those resources?

If you are a student success leader, we invite you to join us for a free webcast to discuss these and other related questions.

Through a facilitated dialogue with Traci Callandrillo, Assistant Vice President of Student Life at American University, and Ruperto Perez, Associate Vice President for Student Health and Wellbeing at the University of Alabama, you will gain valuable ideas and learn how other institutions are addressing the student mental health crisis in the coming year.

Who should attend?

Student success leaders responsible for planning the institution’s overall mental health response and directors of university counseling centers who would like to hear how peers at other institutions across the country are thinking about and addressing student mental health will benefit the most from this webcast. Frontline staff will also be able to gain perspective on the decisions leaders are faced with.