Navigating Work-Life Balance as a Woman Leader in Higher Education

Last updated November 16, 2020

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November 16, 2020

Navigating Work-Life Balance as a Woman Leader in Higher Education

Last updated November 16, 2020

Start setting healthier boundaries in your personal and professional life.


The stresses of the past year have hit women especially hard. From taking on extra work to helping family members and managing the logistics of remote learning for their children, women’s workload — both mental and physical — has dramatically increased during the pandemic. We have heard time and again from women that they are in need of strategies that help set healthy boundaries in their personal and professional lives. 

 In this 60-minute webcast presented by Melody Blake, Provost and Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs at Wesleyan Collegeyou will learn how to manage a never-ending to-do list by prioritizing, communicating, and delegating what needs to be done. Our time will be divided between setting healthy boundaries at work and at home, as well as managing your time.   

Who should attend?

Women of all identities as well as allies who advocate for balance in work and home life will benefit from this training. 


1. Setting Healthy Boundaries at Work and at Home
In this first section, we will discuss the impact of over-stretching yourself on your work performance and personal life. We will explore strategies for setting boundaries when requests come from supervisors or other stakeholders. Finally, we will explore the ways women can set boundaries at home so that they share responsibilities, yet are available for family members when needed.


2. Obstacles that Prevent us from Setting Healthy Boundaries
In the second section, we will explore internal and external barriers to maintaining healthy boundaries and discuss how to overcome those. Part of our discussion will be sharing out: you will have the chance to share strategies you have used successfully.


3. Tips for Managing Your Time
In the final section of the training, we will share and gather tips for managing your time. Whether it’s blocking time on your calendar, delegating tasks, or knowing how to say “no,” you will leave with immediate takeaways you can use.