Conducting a Self-Audit of Your Retention Data and Programs

Course Length

1h 27m

Conducting a Self-Audit of Your Retention Data and Programs

Are you aware of all the student success programs that exist on your campus, and who they serve?


Student success initiatives are often widespread, and they impact multiple areas of a single institution. However, campus administrators often don’t have enough program information to strategically allocate resources to the initiatives that create the most impact. This can lead to wasted resources and misaligned attention on programs that do not contribute to student success.

Join us for an online training session that will help you understand how your retention team is measuring the success of the retention programs you have in place. You will leave with a worksheet that organizes the institutional programs, goals, and students related to these initiatives.


  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Step One of the Audit: Institutional Level Overview of Programs and Gaps
  • Step Two of the Audit: Identification of Retention Programs and Action Needed by Program
  • Step Three of the Audit: Connecting Data to Programs